The Five Day Wool / Cotton Button Up - Luxurious Bike Camping

Camping by bicycle is a joyous pastime. To load up your beloved bike and hit the road straight out of your front door; with no support but yourself and head for quieter and more expansive spaces is truly freeing. We took memorial day weekend as an excuse to get out of the big city and get into the big redwoods; trading the sounds of rushing traffic urban chatter for lazy streams and chirping birds.

Bike camping redwoods

With minimal, lightweight setups on our road bikes (touring without racks is blissful beyond belief), gear choice is important. Food, cookware, tent and sleeping bag are important, as of course is the post ride clothing. One of the greatest pleasures of camping is rolling up to a gorgeous spot, taking it all in, and trading in sweaty bike clothes for something fresh and clean. Cue the new 5 Day Wool/Cotton blend button up.

5 day wool cotton shirt redwoods

A shirt won't make or break any trip, but it can definitely help. The shirt's first benefit is how light it is - which is awesome both packed in the bag and when worn. Despite its slim silhouette, it hangs on the body like it is hardly there. It was a breath of fresh air after a day in a tight jersey, and easily held up to the task of fire making, cooking, trail exploring and more.

Old Haul Road Cycling Redwoods

We split our ride on day one into two parts, we first rode to our campsite in Portola Redwoods State Park to set up camp - then took the marvelous doubletrack of Old Haul Road into Pescadero for some treats. Old Haul gave me a chance to get my heart rate up in the shirt, and it kept me smelling good and not too warm the whole time.

Fire camping redwoods

After a stellar day and a big fire, it was time for bed, with Bonny Doon and Big Basin on the horizon for the next day. We awoke to miraculous rays of light breaking through the trees, the perfect backdrop to coffee and breakfast tacos loaded down with bacon, eggs and avocados.

Camping coffee redwoods


Bike camping redwoods

Photos courtesy of Bryan Markwardt (@bryanmarkwardt)