Style Review: Nike Air Force One Duck Boots

Parker Dusseau Style Review Nike Air Force One Duck BootForever I have been looking for an all weather shoe that didn’t look like the myriad of stodgy looking rain and snow boots out on the market.

So when I saw my pal Jim Laros from NYC’s Paragon Sports at OR with a rubber toed, traction gum sole Nike AF One shoe on, I had to enquire further. I came to find out I’m a little late to the party and that these have been around now for several years. I’m 45 - I get a pass. 

Parker Dusseau Style Review Nike Air Force One Duck BootAs I usually do, I ended up buying two pair - the Navy and the Forrest Green. I figured they’d come in handy on my upcoming trip to Portugal, London, Boston and NYC. And, they did not disappoint.

Lined with a Gore-Tex inner bladder, they kept my feet dry and warm from the inside which, for a winter boot, isn’t always easy to find. They also repelled any water that splashed up above the toe into the tongue.Parker Dusseau Style Review San Francisco Nike Air Force One Duck BootThe rubber toe to sole seal was completely impervious to water as I found out in New York during a huge snowstorm and the aftermath which showcased enormous slush filled puddles at every intersection.

The only complaint I have is that the toe isn’t as snug as I would have liked and there are some funny looking folds in the boots during midstep. This could partly be due to my skinny feet so it definitely hasn’t kept me from continuing to wear the shoe.Parker Dusseau Style Review Nike Duck Boot Air Force One San FranciscoDefinitely a high recommend. Paired with our 3XDRY Commuter Chinos, I was ready for anything the road and weather threw my way.