Limited Edition Giro d'Italia Spring Oxford Shirting Collection

We're commemorating the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia with a limited edition oxford, designed for life on and off the bike. Steeped in tradition, the Giro enchants passionate cyclists like none of the other grand tours. Classic and timeless, the Giro is a race apart from all races. 

Giro d'Italia Cycling Work Shirt Parker Dusseau Oxford Men's Shirt

Classic and timeless - two principles that guide Parker Dusseau product design. Perhaps no other fabric sits more squarely at this intersection like a cotton oxford cloth. The most classic hand of perhaps all cotton shirting cloths, the weave also offers a functional benefit - because of the basket weave nature of how the cotton yarns are woven, the shirt offers a breathability not found in other woven cotton shirting cloths. 

Giro d'Italia Parker Dusseau Cycling Work Shirt Men's Oxford Shirt

Classic feel, timeless look and functional characteristics. Guiding principles behind the brand and our spring collection of cotton oxford cloth shirting.