Parker Dusseau (dew-so).

Functional Menswear Essentials for the Always Ready lifestyle. 

Parker Dusseau Functional Menswear Essentials

Always Ready.

Modern life mandates travel: crosstown, cross-country, and accross the globe. Whether you travel by bike, train, plane or foot, staying comfortable and looking sharp upon arrival is a must.

We use smart designs and natural performance fabrics to create essential menswear pieces that allow you to seize any opportunity that should arise.

This is what it means to be Always Ready. 

Parker Dusseau Functional Menswear Essentials Designed in San Francisco

Our Inspiration.

Parker Dusseau was started in the Fall of 2012 with a mission to create apparel for men who wanted the functionality of outdoor garments in a modern, urban aesthetic.

For inspiration, Founder Vaughn Brown drew on his Idaho and Utah roots plus time spent in dense cities around the globe. Early 80's images of his uncle (the brand's namesake) focused him on a clean aesthetic and timeless menswear staples of the day: well constructed tees, chinos, collared shirts, blazers and suits.

He arrived at Functional Menswear Essentials - proper fitting menswear staples that provided mobility and versatility for the constant motion of everyday life. 

Parker Dusseau Functional Menswear Essentials San Francisco Men's Apparel

Tailored Fits, Designed for Mobility.

Fitted shirts are restricting. Finding a shirt that fits your body and your arm length is next to impossible. And if you do find the combination, you can forget about any freedom of movement.

We use a combination of feature and fabric to provide a solution. Most of our woven shirts feature our Action Back (seen above), a discreet, stretch mesh lined shoulder gusset providing room across the yoke of the shirt. Some styles also feature a small amount of stretch (3-5%) woven into the fabric for even more flexibility. 
Parker Dusseau Functional Menswear Essentials Designed in San Francisco

Natural Performance Fabrics. 

Plain and simple: most performance fabrics stink. Most synthetics become petri dishes for bacteria causing odors that can't be laundered out. Nature long provided us with the base ingredients for functional performance fabrics which have a superior next-to-skin feel and a subtle yet structured aesthetic. 

We're committed to using natural fibers like merino wool, linen, tencel and organic cottons which offer exceptional levels of wicking, breathability, weather protection and durability.

Vaughn Brown Parker Dusseau Founder Boise Idaho San Francisco Functional Menswear Essentials