Merino Wool / Organic Cotton Dress Shirt Fabric Story

When we started Parker Dusseau we wanted to breathe new life into the concept of activewear. For too long we felt like the clothes we wore to be active in, didn't really speak to our sense of style and the way we wanted to present ourselves out in the world. This meant that we needed to create classic styles with modern silhouettes in performance fabrics. Only one issue, performance fabrics didn't sit well with us either. Too shiny, too futuristic, too plastic.

When it came to developing a performance dress shirt we were fortunate enough to find some great mills in Turkey who were blending stretch poplin cottons that were great for the more traditional 'dress shirt' aesthetic. For something a bit less formal, the search was on for a fabric that offered all of the performance characteristics we sought in our outdoor gear yet had the look and feel of something we'd want to wear in the city. 

So it was with great pleasure that we were introduced to a fabric vendor located right across the bridge, in Marin County, California who knew all about these fabrics, and was striving for the same things we were. We're always out that way putting in long bike miles so we paid their team a visit. 

This is how we ended up finding our new Merino Wool / Organic Cotton twill blend for our latest dress shirt. The brilliance of merino wool can't be overstated: naturally anti-microbial, odor proof and temperature regulating (keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat), this is nature's very first performance fabric. At 17.5 micron, the merino has a luxurious feel next to your skin and most of all, it does not itch. The organic cotton was added to give the piece some additional structure and the chambray effect that has been a staple of our wardrobes for years. And, at 240 GSM, we found this fabric to be the ideal weight for Fall. 

During our testing process we wore this shirt for days on end, sweating it out on the bike and often times not hanging it up at night. Occasionally Winston would use it as his nighttime pillow. Not only did it survive, it thrived, maintaining it's freshness through multiple days of this kind of abuse. We can't seem to take this shirt off and hope you love it as much as we do.